AVESS completes key local VRFB development milestone

  • Announcements
  • 22nd June 2023

AVESS is pleased to announce the successful fabrication of 25kW stacks by our South Korean subsidiary KORID Energy Co Ltd.

The cutting edge 25kW stacks- delivered to Perth in June- are now awaiting integration into AVESS’ VRFBs.

The delivery of the 25Kw stacks represent a key milestone in our mission to develop, commercialise and locally manufacture VRFBs for remote standalone power and grid connectivity.

Managing Director Young Yu, said he was delighted with the successful fabrication of the 25kW stacks and was excited to see AVESS edge closer to our goal of local VRFB manufacturing.

“These stacks exhibit superior quality and performance, which aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering advanced energy storage solutions,” said Mr Yu.

“We are committed to supporting Australia’s energy sector to reach its potential, and I’m extremely proud to see our team continue to make waves locally”.

“AVESS extends its appreciation to KORID for their unwavering dedication and exceptional work in realising this remarkable achievement”.

“The collaboration and expertise demonstrated by KORID have been pivotal in turning the promise of VRFBs into a reality”.

“We are delighted to have the 25kW stacks with us in Perth and we look forward to seeing our VRFBs have a positive impact on the Australian energy sector.”

With the arrival of the 25kW stacks in Perth, AVESS will now seek to integrate the stacks into our locally manufactured VRFB, further enhancing our Australian manufacturing potential.

The process will enable AVESS’ VRFBs to store and distribute large amounts of renewable energy, contributing towards Australia’s transition to a cleaner and more stable and reliable energy sector.

AVESS is the majority shareholder (50%) and owner of KORID and its world-class stack technology. AVESS – Australia’s missing link in the vanadium supply chain – will supply two VRFB prototypes by Q4 2023.