AVESS rebrands to AVESS Energy to provide downstream VRFB solution

  • Announcements
  • 15th February 2024

Perth-based AVESS is delighted to announce the creation of a new brand identity – AVESS Energy – to support the Company’s positioning as an energy storage solutions company powered by vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB).

The rebranding to AVESS Energy closely follows the Company’s successful commissioning of a 50kw VRFB in Perth on 19 January 2024, signifying the Australia-first manufacture of a commercial-scale single-module VRFB.

The exciting new look reflects AVESS Energy’s commitment to efficiency, safety, and sustainability as it prepares its 50kW VRFB for commercial demonstrations in the mining sector.

AVESS Energy – Australia’s next energy storage solution – seeks to provide a downstream VRFB solution for Australia’s energy, mining, and utility sectors.

The new brand is the culmination of a brand strategy collaboration with Cannings Purple aimed at defining the Company’s purpose and positioning in the energy storage sector.

The copper, gold, and deep green colour scheme captures AVESS Energy’s Australian roots, while the plus icons symbolise the flow of electrons in batteries. The circle is an unbroken line representing our VRFB’s long life. 

Commenting on the rebranding to AVESS Energy, Managing Director Young Yu said:

“Our rebrand to AVESS Energy supports a deeper decarbonisation purpose to provide sustainable, safe, and efficient VRFBs to the energy, mining, and utility sectors.

“The name AVESS Energy represents the capabilities, expertise, and insights that our team brings to Australia’s energy storage mix”

“We understand the complexities and language of energy, mining, and utilities, and our new branding brings us in closer alignment with these sectors”

“The rebranding also speaks to our mission to provide a local downstream VRFB solution to some of Australia’s most complex energy storage problems,” said Mr Yu.